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games for childrens parties

The game How the game works

Dolphin Dive Pool Party:

Childrens party Ideas | Treasure Dive

A great idea for a pool party. Get the kiddies to "dive for gold" if you can spare a few coins. They will love it!

Sand Castle Fun:

A great idea for a beach party theme. Split your kiddies into separate teams. You will need beach buckets and spades. Each of the teams has a set amount of time to build their castle. If you have a theme such as a Lady Bug theme you could also give them the option of making a Lady Bug in the sand. Once they have finished, ask them to vote for the best creation while excluding their own creation from their vote. The team with the most votes is the winner!

Musical Chairs:

Scatter the chairs through out the play area and select some fun music for the children to dance to. Some one needs to be watching the children while the other switches the music on and off. When the music plays, the children dance and move all over the play area but once the music stops everyone needs to find a chair. Remove the chairs one by one after the music is stopped, until there are two remaining players.

The last one to sit on the chair is the WINNER!

Treasure Hunt:

First you need to split the party into teams (depending on the size of the party group). You then need to come up with between six and ten destinations at the party venue. Right down equal amounts of riddles, on separate pieces of paper explaining each one of these destinations, but don’t give the location away. E.g.: I go round and round and make bubbles from the soap they put in me... What am I? (Washing Machine). And there you will place the next clue until they they reach the treasure at the end. Don’t forget to remind the party goers to put the clue back where they found it and to keep the next destination a secret and its always nice to have lots of treasure at the end for everyone!


One person shows with gestures whether they are acting a film, book or song. Then they indicate by raising fingers how many words are in the title and which word they will act, or whether they will act it as a whole. They can act part of the word by showing how many syllables it has (by tapping their arm with the relevant number of fingers) and which one they are miming. The audience has to guess the title being acted out. This game could ether be restricted to books, films or songs or could be used to describe any word at all.
Frozen Laugh:

For this game you will need a light object to throw (Handkerchief or balloon). Throw the object in the air. The players have to laugh constantly until it lands, then they have to freeze into silence. Anyone who makes a noise is out, until there is only one player left, or until it is clearly time to move on!
Zoo Game:

Ask for a volunteer and whisper the name of an animal in their ear. They have to mime that creature silently and the players guess what it is.
Mirror Game:

In pairs, players agree who will be the “mirror” and ho will be the “reflection”. The latter must copy every movement made by their partner. Feet must stay still at all times. Call out a series of actions, such as brushing your hair, tying a shoelace or eating spaghetti. Swap roles regularly. You could even put on music for the mirrors to move to.

Get together plenty of rolls of toilet paper. This game can be played in pairs or small groups. The aim is to wra one person up in toilet paper so that they look like an Egyptian mummy. Set a time limit of between 3 and 5 minutes, and the best “mummy look alike” wins.
Mouth to mouth:

You will need one spoon per player, plus an object to pass along. The aim of this game is to pass an object along the team using spoons held in the mouth. The objects can be anything fairly light and unbreakable, such as ping pong balls, tennis balls, grapes or raisins. If the object falls to the floor, the team must start again, and it must never be touched by hand (players might need to hold the spoon by hand to pick up object).
Egg Cup Race:

Each team will need two egg cups and a table tennis ball. The first players put the table tennis ball in one cup and place the other near it. The aim of the game is to blow the table tennis ball through the air from one egg cup to the other. As soon as a player achieves this, his teammate takes over to repeat the act. The first team to finish wins.

French Cricket:

You need a ball and tennis racket or bat. This is definitely an outdoor game. Give one child a tennis racket. They are  the batsman. They must stand with their feet together and are not allowed to move their feet at all. The rest of the players are bowlers and fielders. They throw the ball, aiming at any part of the batsman’s foot or leg below the knee. If the ball touches these areas, or if the batter moves his feet, the batter is out. If the batter hits the ball he can be caught “out”, otherwise whoever fields the ball must bowl from where they picked it up.


One blown-up balloon per pair, plus some spares. Each pair stands facing each other with the balloon resting between their stomachs. The task is to complete five full turns on the spot without dropping the balloon.
Shirt Swap:

You will need one over-sized shirt for each team.  Dress the one player in each team in a large shirt (do up any buttons except the collar). Then they must join one hand with that of another team member. The task for the whole team is to transfer the shirt to the next person without the pair releasing their hands. They’ll eventually work out (you hope!) that this can  be done by removing the sleeve from the outside arm and lifting the shirt over the head, then sliding the garment across inside out for the partner to put on by the reverse method.
Party Blowers:

You will need a party blower and an empty matchbox for each player. The aim of this game is to get the matchbox (or similarly light but stable object) from one end of the course to the other, moving it only by puffing into the party blower. Keep an eye out fro anyone who is trying to push the object with their inflated blower.


You will need chalk or cardboard or hoops to be used as the “stones”. Mark two lines of five circles with chalk or use cardboard or hoops to make five stepping stones just too far apart to step easily. Players have to move along the stepping stones carrying a full plastic cup of water. The winner is whoever has the most water left. You could also have some fun by making the contestants wear flippers, carry a book on their head or roll a  ball as well. You could get them on all fours and have a plastic bowl of water placed on their back or if your players are good at this, try it as a relay.
Gate Keeper:

You will need a suitable3 ball – large for young children, or a tennis ball for older players. Everyone sits in a circle with a gate between them and their neighbors. Each gap is a “gate” and the aim of the game is to roll the ball through one of them. If this happens, the two players either side of it drop out, players move around the circle to make the vacated gap smaller, and play continues until only one or two players remain.

You need a small bowl with a mixture of dried beans, lentils, rice and raisins. A blindfold and timer. The blindfolded player has to sort the mixture into groups of the same ingredient. Do a test run to check it can be done in less than, say, 2 minuets. Time each attempt to find the winner.
Longest Game:

You will need some ideas of different challenges. The leader asks for a volunteer from each team, saying they are looking for the longest, widest, shortest, most or some other superlative. When all the volunteers are ready, the leader sets the challenge, which could be to find who has the longest tongue or can holds their breath the longest, or has the widest smile. Teams can score points for each round. You could include Longest hum, hair, Widest spread of feet, biggest smile, feet, ears and most buttons, pockets, pennies.
Wool Tangle:

Each team needs a chair and a ball of wool. Each team has one minute to tangle their wool around a chair. Then the teams move to another chair and the race is on to untangle the wool and wind it back into a ball. No deliberate  breaking of the wool is allowed, and the chair cannot be moved.

Up Jenkins:

You need a coin. The teams sit opposite each other at a table. One team is given a coin, which the players must pass to each other under the table until the leader of the other team sais ”Up Jenkins!” At this point they must raise their clenched fists above the table.. When the opposing leader says “Down Jenkins!” they must crash their fists down ion the table. The leader can then say “Creepy crawly”, which means the players must wriggle their fingers, or “Flat on the table”, when palms must be flattened, or “Wibbly wobbly”, which means fists must be turned up and down again. At any stage the leader can guess who has the coin, and if he is right, it transfers to his team. If not, play starts again. Players have to guess who has the coin, and which hand it is in.



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