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kids party tips, ideas and favours

Tips for party décor and favours for guests:
Creative and healthy kids party Idea:
Childrens Party Idea l Healthy party idea for kids l fruit kibab

Creat a fruit skewer with strawberries and grapes. It looks colourful and is so healthy for a hot pool party. Use a melon as a stand to hold the skewers.

Great idea for a first birthday party:
Ideas for a two year one year old party

Place a toddlers table in the middle of the play area, fill bowls with rice crispies, Oaties or any other cerial and place it in the middle of the table. You can also put faces on them or give them different colours. You will be surprised at how entertaining this will be for the littlies. It is 100 percent safe and 100 percent entertaining!

Everybody have a Gooo time:

Gelli Baff is a two pack powder that turns any childrens bath or pool water into jelly like goo and back again. Click here to find out more and to order

Tweenage Olympic Party Idea for Boys:
Kids Party Ideas | Little Party Planner | Tweenage Playstation Boys Party Idea

Why not host a Playstation Olympics party. Its a great idea for a boys party and depending on the theme of the Playstation game, you can present a prize that is according to the game. E.g. A gold belt and robe for a boxing champion.

Cute Little Keepers:
Kids Party Ideas | South Africa | Little Party Planner

After a fun filled day, the kiddies get to keep their cool tomato sauce and mustard containers to show off at home.

Party Fairy Lighting Idea:
Kids Birthday Party Ideas

All you need is some christmas lights and doilies. Place a doily around every light and let the fairy magic begin. By: Little Party Planner

Scientist Kids Birthday Party theme Idea:
Kids birthday party ideas

How about hosting a scientist theme?! There is so much you can do. Test tube beakers as glasses, smoke machines and fun outfits. What more could you want at a party. By: Donna Hey

Rock and Roll Creative Kids Birthday Party Decor Idea:
Kids Rock and Roll Party Decor Idea

A great idea for a Rock and Roll kids party decor idea. Use old records from your record collection, cut out coloured cardboard for the centre with big letters in the centre's. Spelling out ether the birthday persons name or the theme of the party.
By: Donna Hay

Creative Kids Birthday Party Ideas for Entertainment:
Childrens party idea | chalk drawings

You will need a tar or a washable surface that is out-doors and a few chalk pieces. You can draw up games like four square, hop scotch and coulers. This will keep the kiddies busy for hours. Or they can just draw to their hearts content. NB: Before you do anything make sure that the surface you are about to draw on comes clean after being rinsed with the garden hose! By: Little Party Planner

A Beautiful Table Decoration Idea for a Childs Party:
Kids birthday party ideas | Sweet Treats

Swirly lolly pops for the table add a fun and coulerful decoration to the party as well as a tasty treat for the children. This is also a nice idea for a carnival themed party. By: Little Party Planner

A Healthy Kids Birthday Party Chocolate Fountain:
Kids healthy party idea | Chocolate Fountain

Healthy cups of fruit on sticks dipped in a chocolate fountain! Select your child's favorite fruits, cut them into cubes and present them in cups which you can individually hand out to the kiddies. This is healthy and fun for a kids party and is suitable for 5 year olds and up. Chocolate fountains are a nice idea for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory parties to. By: Little Party Planner

Simplistic 1st Child's Birthday Party Idea:
1st birthday Ideas

At the age of 1, the best thing to do is keep it simple. Choose a theme that is bright and fun for your little one. A jungle theme is always a winner! By: Little Party Planner

Hawaiian Kids Birthday Party Idea:
coco nut cup for a hawaiian theme birthday party

Aloha! A great party idea would be to have your little guests drink out of coconuts. A lovely party idea for a kids hawaiian birthday party theme. You can buy these coconut look alike cups at most party shops and they are totally kid friendly. By: Little Party Planner

Kiddies First Birthday Party Idea:
Children and Kiddies birthday party ideas, themes, games, venues, entertainment, decor, cakes | Kiddies first (1st) birthday party idea
For every month of the year have a photograph taken of your little one and a lovely décor idea is to have this framed. If you do scrap booking, why not add your creative flare and give your party a theme. By: Little Party Planner
Kids Birthday Party Entertainment Idea:
Children and Kiddies birthday party ideas, themes, games, venues, entertainment, decor, cakes
Winter birthdays are better spent indoors and a great idea is to have a drawing wall. Little girls love writing and exchanging messages with one another and what better way to to do so. At a later stage you could even frame sections of these “art works” and hang them up in your kiddies room. Image by: Canadian Family
Kids Birthday Party Table Décor Idea:
Children and Kiddies birthday party ideas, themes, games, venues, entertainment, decor, cakes | Childrens Party planning ideas | sweet chain Idea
A lovely party table décor idea is to use the candy chain and attach it around the edge of the table. By: Martha Stewart
A Treasure Map Idea for a Pirate Kids Birthday Party:
Children and Kiddies birthday party ideas, themes, games, venues, entertainment, decor, cakes | Childrens party planner | Pirate party Idea
Arrrr ... Mark out your entire yard as the pirate map. You can name your property "Pirate Island" or something of that effect. Include this in their pirate party pack kits. An old trick is to stain the paper with coffee to give it the antique effect. Just make sure that the treasure is marked clearly with a bright colour. By: Little Party Planner
Spy Kit Idea for a Kids Birthday Spy Party:

Children and Kiddies birthday party ideas, themes, games, venues, entertainment, decor, cakes | kids Party decor and favor ideas Kids Spy Kit

Every spy needs a disguise and a magnifying glass or binoculars! Glasses or a fake mustache will work well to hide those facial features. Then you will need a phone to stay in contact with your boss, a flashlight to see all your clues and notepad and pen. A compass will keep you on the right path and you will defiantly need a bag to carry it all in. Image by: Posh Party Box
Décor Ideas for a Kids Idols Birthday Party:
Children and Kiddies birthday party ideas, themes, games, venues, entertainment, decor, cakes | KIDS BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEAS
What a great idea for an idols party! Select an image of that special birthday person and get some stickers made at your local print store. It will also save you costs when it comes to purchasing printed accessories for the party. What better way to make that little person feel extra special on his or her birthday. Image by: Martha Stewart
Fantasy Sweet Kiddies Birthday Party Décor Idea:
Children's Birthday party Decor Ideas | Children and Kiddies birthday party ideas, themes, games, venues, entertainment, decor, cakes
Hansel and Gretel fantasy! Trees made of chocolates trails of sweets similar to that of Charley and the Chocolate Factory. The ideas are endless.... chocolate fountains..... Wonder bars with golden tickets. You can even make your decorations out of sweeties. What better way to celebrate a birthday party than with a real life fantasy. By: Little Party Planner



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