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10 Ideas for Planning a My Little Pony Birthday Party My Little Pony | Childrens pary planning article | South Africa


  1. For invitations you can cut cardboard into horse shoe shapes. Decorate them with lots of glitter, ribbons and use shades of pastels. Invite them to gallop on over to “the birthday person’sparty. Ask them to bring their favorite my little pony along. You could also use the different my little pony names as invites, such as using rainbows or stars as the invitation. Some well known My Little Pony names are Minty, Cheerilee, Star Catcher and Rainbow Dash
  2. Decorate the venue using shades of pastels. Pink, silver and purple. Attach ribbons to the balloons and streamers will be fun for the table décor. Stars, hearts and rainbows give the My Little Pony feel that you are looking for.
  3. Your guests may need to gallop around during the duration of the party :).
  4. Face painting is easy and fun and you can follow the theme of stars and glitter.
  5. The girls love ribbons in their pony tails and a can of colourful hair spray will do the trick to give their hair some pony prancing colour.
  6. Another nice idea is to have some My Little Pony colouring in sheets printed off. Have the children colour those in when they get a chance. (Click here for a free My Little Pony Colouring sheet)
  7. Horses love carrots! A nice idea is to have a cake made in the shape of a carrot, or even better, a carrot cake.
  8. Toffee apples are a great treat to ponies, as well as candy floss.
  9. As a game you could put up an obstacle coarse of jumps in your garden. They would obviously need to gallop through the entire course to be presented with a winning ribbon at the end.
  10. Ponies don’t use their hooves to eat so when everyone is at the table let them know that. This might create loads of laughter and fun for everyone because we all know that it is a great challenge to eat without our hands!



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