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Hannah Montana Party Ideas Hanna Montana birthday party ideas | Little Party Planner
Hannah Montana has certainly taken the world by storm with her teen, girly wisdom and her overnight stardom. She has become an inspiration to young girls all over the world between the ages of 7 and 12. The series, aired on the Disney Channel is light hearted, fun and entertaining to watch. Which has made it one of the most demanded themes for girls’ birthday parties throughout the world. This is also one of the more exciting themes for girls parties and there is so much you can do to make it a party to remember.

My first word of advice would be to watch an episode of Hannah Montana to trigger ideas for the theme.

First things first, invitations! If you have the facilities you can record a few of Hanna Montana songs on a CD and create a cover for the CD with all your daughters birthday details on it. If that seems a little pricey, you could create your own CD’s from grey and silver card. Cut these into the shape of a CD and by using glitter glue and colored markers be creative and bring the CD to life. Place this into an empty CD case. You can also cut this cardboard into shapes of musical notes, a star or a guitar and drawing the strings in with glitter glue. Alternatively, you can always purchase Hannah Montana invites from some of our selected party stores listed on the website.

On the day of the party, put a make up station together in one section of your house. This doesn’t have to be grand all you need is a biggish mirror, a desk, Christmas lights attached to the mirror and a whole lot of make up. You can include items such as lip-gloss, eye shadow, blush and nail polish and leave the decorating part up to the little ladies. Remembering what you have seen in the series, include hair accessories such as pretty ribbons, glittery hair clips and some funky bandanas to create that pop star hairstyle that they have always dreamed of. An assortment of colorful wigs placed in a basket under the table also goes down well. Include a prize for the party girl who is made up the best.

In another section of the house you can create a dressing room. If you choose to section it off in separate rooms create a name tag for each door with glittery stars, saying, make up room or dressing room. In the dressing room / section of your house, display different outfits and props for the girls to decorate themselves with. Things such as funky hats, scarves, belts, feather boas, stockings, sparkly dresses, clip on earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and shoes go down well. The costume jewelry can also be optional party favors and by allowing the girls to take an item home with them, makes it all very exciting!

And last but not least…. The “party room”. Set up a “stage”, this could be your elevated patio and doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a real stage. Set up a microphone and a music player so that the girls can sing along to their favorite artist. Let them each have a turn to perform and it is also optional to have a prize for the best performance.

The girls can then have the rest of the afternoon to relax and celebrate with their friends!



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