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Creating the perfect Dora the Explorer Birthday Party
dora the explorer

First things first, you need to create Dora the Explorer invitation!

Dora the Explorer has lots of friends so why not make a collage of them and include a picture of the birthday girl / boy somewhere in the artistic layout. Technology makes life  a lot easier especially when you have to duplicate a collage like this for multiple invitations. Next use a peace of thin natural colored cardboard paper you can then glue the artistic piece to this. Include adventure items such as maps, backpacks, tents in your invite design. You can then include on the invitation, “Join (birthday person)  and Dora the Explorer on their next adventure!”, or something along those lines. Don’t forget the birthday details such as the venue, time, date and RSVP. Raffia paper always gives anything a lovely natural look and you could attach a map of your neighborhood including pictures of landmarks such as shopping centers to make it fun and interactive.

Dora the Explorer Décor

Dora the Explorer
theme colours are blue, yellow, pink, purple and orange. When you decorate the kids party room, remember these colours for the balloons and streamers. Dora the Explorer vines can be made out of green streamers that are hung from the roof. You can also create a South African wilderness theme and set aside a section of your garden that is decorated and have your little guests take their pictures there. These pictures can be mailed back to the kiddies after the party along with a rolled up Dora the Explorer thank you note.

Another nice idea for Dora the Explorer is to hang lanterns in the trees around your garden and place animal footprints on your driveway. Have signs and arrows pointing the kids in directions around the house. These signs can lead them to games or their next feast :). If you have a Wendy house or a tree house, you could have this as the Dora the Explorer hideaway for those kids who feel they need a break. If you enquire from any of our party stores, you may be able to find a Dora the Explorer tablecloth for the party table.

Little Party Planner has a wide range of talented piñata creators, be sure to order your Dora the Explorer piñata well before the kids party to avoid disappointment. When the kids get to beat the pinata they can count in spanish... uno, dos, tres.

Welcome your Dora the Explorer guests with a map with directions to all the Dora the Explorer kids party games and food stops listed on it.

For Dora the Explorer girls activities you can have the kids split up into teams of two and have them make beaded friendship bracelets for one another. This is nice and interactive as an icebreaker and the kids will feel at home and comfortable immediately.
For Dora the Explorer boys activities, have the boys make binoculars out of toilet paper rolls. They can decorate these toilet paper rolls with anything. Colourful plastic wrap, stickers markers and glitter glue.

Have your face painter come up with a range of jungle and bush creatures that suite Dora the Explorer, the kids faces will then go along with the theme.
Dora the Explorer party packs can consist of compasses, binoculars, Dora’s bracelets, stickers and a few road snacks. To have a custom theme Dora the Explorer party pack made for your kiddies enquire from any one of our listed party pack providers all over South Africa.

Games for Dora the Explorer

Set up an obstacle course with anything that you can find lying around the house. At the end of the obstacle course you can give them all a hi five saying, in Dora’s lines, “We did it!”. Have the kids sit in a circle and pass a rucksack around. Inside the rucksack place a prize, the kid who guesses the object correctly wins the gift inside. Dora the Explorer’s circle of friends, as you did the invite glue Dora’s friends on paper plates. Then distribute a paper plate to each of the the Dora the Explorer party guests. Write the characters names on pieces of paper and fold them, putting them in a box  of some sort. This Dora the Explorer game starts with children putting their plates in the middle of the room on the floor. You can then play Dora’s theme CD playing. When the music stops the children must stand on one of the paper plates. Then, pull a name out of the hat. Which ever child is standing on that Dora characters plate, is out of the game and the music starts again. Keep going until there is one child left, this kid is then the winner. Dora the Explorer treasure hunt, make sure there is at least one treasure per kid. You can hide items like bubble bath, bracelets, toys etc.

For hungry Dora the Explorer adventurers

Dora the Explorer Mexican food is such fun to prepare, you will need some tomato paste, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, blended avocado, sour cream, fried beef or chicken strips, grated cheese and burritos to wrap their treat in. They can make their own burritos with your supervision. Nachos are also quick and easy to prepare.

Try anyone of our fantastic cake creators listed under Cakes and Catering section. They will be sure to give you a stunning Dora the Explorer cake.

Its Dora the Explorer party time!



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