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Host a cool construction party for your little boy

Construction Party Invitation:
For your construction party invitations, use cardboard cut into shapes of helmets, saws, hammers and other construction tools. Construction sites mainly use the yellow and black caution signs so that might trigger some nice ideas. You could even use the words, Caution! Construction party ahead! Visit your local construction store and purchase some props such as goggles, gum boots, measuring tapes, working gloves etc. Attach these to the invitation. This little construction gesture will definitely stir some excitement for the up and coming birthday party.

Construction Party Décor:
If you are able to find some black and yellow tape at a hardware store, that will definitely be a bonus for your decor. Use orange construction cones in your party games, you could also use them in kids construction party decor, such as holding objects or you could just attach helium balloons to them for the fun. A fun party entertainment idea includes making triangle caution signs reading, birthday zone, kids at play! These could be hung up around the birthday area. Traffic signs are also a brilliant idea, these can be made out of old broom poles and cardboard cut shapes. Look around the garage for things like ladders, saw horses and garden spades to place around the party area.

Fun Construction Party Games:
These are easy and well known party games. Play pass the tool box, which is very much like pass the parcel. Fill a toolbox with sweeties of different shapes and sizes. Then prompt the party game with music. Each time the music stops, the kiddie holding the toolbox may open the toolbox and select a sweetie.  For the tower game, you may need some building blocks. The kiddies need to be split into construction teams, the team to get the highest tower wins. In the wheelbarrow race you have the kids split into teams of 2, the one kid is the wheelbarrow and the other is the driver. Set the cones out in an obstacle course and have the kiddies take turns as being the wheelbarrow. In the shovel the rubble race, separate the kids into two teams. Give each team of kiddies a safe shovel to use to shovel the rubble. This game works as a relay race. Each child gets a turn to move the rubble from the  sand pit into a bucket situated at the starting point. The team who fills their bucket first is the winning team.  

Construction Educational Idea:
If you know of anyone in the construction industry, ask them if they could loan you one of their construction vehicles for an hour or two. This will give the kiddies at your party an experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives. You could possibly even have this over a jumping castle. It might be the best jungle gym that they have ever been on! You could even arrange a demonstration by the driver. Can you just imagine the expressions on these little ones faces as this piece of machinery does its thing!

A great gift for your little guests:
ook out for anything in the garage that might be a good idea to fill with treats. Something like a tool pouch, hard hat, mini toolbox etc. to use as packages for the gift boxes. Fill these with treats, notepads, pens, toy construction vehicles and mini tool sets are just a few ideas.



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